Host your next private event on the water...

Take advantage of Longshore Sailing School's large assortment of sailboats and kayaks and beautiful waterfront location. Whether your group consists of experienced sailors and kayakers, or those new to the sport, Longshore can create a program everyone will enjoy. Events in the past have ranged from fun kayak relay races and kayaking water polo to a leisure destination sail to Cockenoe Island. We also offer experienced instructors for those who need instruction or want to leave the steering to a professional.

Consider combining our services with catering provided by The Inn at Longshore, just a stone's throw from our beach. Sample packages are listed to the right, but we look forward to building an event tailored to your group's ability, size and interests. Please call our office at (203) 226-4646 for more information and pricing.

Sample Packages

Come as you go

Best when done in conjunction with an event at the Inn at Longshore, this package gives members of your group the freedom to use a sailboat or kayak whenever they want to go out on the water. Groups typically reserve a number of double and single kayaks, as well as a variety of sailboats, that Longshore's staff will rig and set aside. Those who wish to rent simply walk over to the sailing school, check in with our office, and enjoy their time on the water. Pricing is based on the number of boats reserved and how long they are used.

Adventure Sail to Cockenoe

Divide your group into teams and sail to Cockenoe Island, 1.5 miles from Longshore, on our fleet of Hobie catamarans. An instructor on each boat can give passengers a mini-lesson while sailing, or take the helm for a relaxing sail. Upon arrival to Cockenoe, the group can explore the island, collect shells, or just enjoy the view from the beach. Drinks and snacks can be dropped off in anticipation of your group's arrival. Roundtrip will typically take an hour and a half to two hours.

Kayaking Water Polo & Relay Races

Use our fleet of kayaks to create different activities for your group. As a warm up, begin with kayaking relay races, where teams race in single or double kayaks around a buoy set off Longshore's beach. Next, move to a game of kayaking water polo, with teams trying to score by throwing our official "yaking ball" through goals marked by buoys. Longshore instructors act as referees. Games are typically 20 minutes long. Pricing is based on number of kayaks and instructors needed to facilitate game.